Information Technology Services

Website Design & Admin

Website Design

Get a customized template driven eCommerce Storefront to sell products online. Maximize your flatrate shipping with 4 different fees or implement table rate shipping. Receive a crash course on creating and managing your products online. Learn how to backup your products on a regular basis.

Make your choice from free pre-made templates, paid for pre-made templates, or create your own basic design to include Auto Image changer, Manual Image changer, & Link or Menu driven Navigation. Make your presence online & drive customers to your site with key SEO feature integration.

Your new website will be driven by WordPress and will be locked down to help prevent hackers from creating down time. You will learn how to backup your valuable online presence in case of failure or accidental/malicious deletion of important data.

Or you may already have an existing website that you are happy with. However, after some time information, pictures, or downloadable files may become outdated. Additional pages may need to be added or changes to colors desired.

LAN Network Admin

LAN Administration

Local Area Networks connect all networked devices within a building, provide access to the internet, and they usually operate on an unmanaged collapsed backbone. Receive assistance with your LAN connectivity issues, internet access issues, device upgrades or replacements, or add a new segment to your existing LAN.

PC Technician

PC Technician

PCs need maintenance & repair to remain operationally efficient. Receive support on hardware failures & upgrades, on software installs & upgrades, and on adding new peripheral devices to your PCs. Also, some mobile device and configuration support.